PPR Pipes and Fittings

PP-R Plumbing Systems

Product Range

• Pipes: 20 to 160 mm Single layer & Triple layer

• Fittings: 20 to 160 mm
• Coil Pipe: 20 & 25 mm

• Submersible Delivery Pipe: 90 & 110 mm

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    Features and Benefits

    • Proven hot & cold water performance from -0° C to 95° C
    • No scaling. Can withstand higher ‘pH’
    • UV resistant triple layered pipes are suitable for outdoor installations that are exposed to direct sunlight
    • Good chemical resistance – suitable for
    most industrial liquids
    • Heat-fusion jointing results in homogenous plastic system ensuring leak-proof joints
    • Very less coefficient of friction, ensures high flow properties, reduce pumping cost
    • Antimicrobial inside layer of 3 layered pipe adds to safety against bacterial growth
    ensuring safe drinking water
    • Specially formulated thermax pipes reduce linear expansion / contraction of pipes due to temperature variance, ensuring suitability
    for outdoor application