PVC Pipes and Fittings


Pressure & Non-Pressure Pipes are manufactured in accordance with IS:4985 covering a complete range from 20 mm to 400 mm. They are available in pressure rating 2.5 Kg/cm², 4 Kg/cm², 6 Kg/cm², 8 Kg/cm², 10 Kg/cm², 12.5 Kg/cm² & 16 Kg/cm² as defined in IS:4985. The pipes are provided with plain socket and suitable for solvent cement jointing. Their main application is in agriculture for water supply, drip irrigation & sprinkler lines etc. as well as for drinking water distribution. However, these can also be used in cable ducting, ventilation pipe lines & slurry lines etc. They are available in light grey colour and nominal length of 6 mtrs.

Product Range

• Pipes: 20 to 400 mm • Fittings: 20 to 250 mm

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    Features and benefits

    • Light weight, easy to transport, store, handle and install. Saves labour
    • Smooth bore ensures higher flow compared to G.I pipes and fittings of the same size. No clogging. Saves operational cost
    • Solvent cement joint therefore quick installation
    • Corrosion resistance, UPVC is rustproof material therefore bore diameter remains constant, ensuring constant flow over a lifetime
    • Long working life (if operated under normal/recommended working conditions)
    • Cost effective. Added value for your money