Underground Drainage System – Corefit

Underground Double Wall Corrugated Pipes

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    Corfit DWC* Pipes and fittings are manufactured using HDPE polymer. These pipes are resistant to various types of gases & chemicals which are generated due to putrefaction of various ingredients flowing in the system. Corfit DWC* Pipes are manufactured as per IS 16098 (Part-2), have a smooth internal  surface and corrugated external surface. The corrugated external surface provides greater stiffness, withstands soil movements & takes higher loads (static & dynamic), whereas the internal surface helps in smooth flow of sewerage.

    Product Range

    • Pipes: 100 to 1000 mm nominal diameter
    • Fittings: 100 to 500 mm
    • Inspection Chamber (PVC & DWC End Connection): 600 & 315 mm nominal diameter
    • Manhole Chamber: 600 X 500, 600 X 750, 600 X 1000 & 600 X 1250 mm

    Features and benefits

     Easy to handle, transport and store
     Easy to install
     Superior performance than RCC
     Long life
     Available in long length of 6 meter
    so minimum joints ensuring less
    chances of leakage
     Corrosion & abrasion resistant
     Anti-rodent material